AMZN Launches Amazon Payments Partner Program

Watch out PayPal, Apple Pay, et al, The Google of Commerce is gunnin’ for ya……

Amazon announced this morning a plan to spread adoption of its payments service, Amazon Payments, to more third-party websites. With the launch of its Amazon Payments Global Partner Program, the retailer will help e-commerce platform providers and other developers integrate with Amazon Payments so their own merchants can offer the option to “Pay with Amazon” at checkout.

And for those who are interested in Shopify (SHOP) like me…

With the new Global Partner program, however, the goal is to offer an expanded set of services to e-commerce platform providers themselves, instead of just individuals merchants. At launch, a number of partners have agreed to integrate with Amazon Payments, and then offer that option to their own merchants and sellers, including PrestaShop, Shopify, and Future Shop, for example.

“Power to the people”…and Amazon has a lot:

The company has 285 million account holders, and some 23 million-plus have now used their accounts on non-Amazon websites.

AMZN curious


(Amazon) has 285 million account holders, and some 23 million-plus have now used their accounts on non-Amazon websites.

At the end of 2015, Paypal had 179M active users. I know I use PayPal at any website that offers it instead of entering CC info. If sites offered both PayPal and Amazon payments, I would probably still opt for PayPal, but if a site only offered Amazon payments, I wouldn’t hesitate to use it.

Because of this, I don’t think it will take much share from current PayPal users, but it definitely may slow them down some in the near term.

I still can’t find any place to even accept Apple Pay.

It will very interesting to watch how the future unfolds. Personally, I use PayPal where I can because I like the concept of not-sharing my financial data with a vendor. At checkout counters I use Samsung Pay on my phone as much as possible for the same reason, and it typically works very well since it’s backwards compatible with older machines. But I find PayPal to be annoying in that it doesn’t allow you to default to your credit card, so I have extra steps I have to take every time I use it. They need to fix that; I should be able to set my default source of funds as I see fit. They also constantly push their PayPal Credit in your face, as well. Not cool.