AMZN moving away from ORCL database software

Saw this news tidbit and wondering if it might bode well for MDB. If not directly this blurb seems to indicate the need for a different approach for database for one of the web titans.…



Saw that too. Was especially interested in the mention that Oracle is not scaling as Amazon grows. I used to wonder why there were so many new alternatives to the Relational data base and I think now I know. Whether the winner will be MDB or not I don’t know. But I’m relatively certain the future does not belong to ORCL.

Small position started in MDB

More likely amazon will opt for a eventual consistency model, and run on cosmosdb or some other decentralised db engine.

FYI - I would be surprised if this story has much impact for Mongo. Amazon has their own nonrelational database:



If Oracle is not scaling dynamodb is nowhere in the picture. Still Oracle is the top dog in relational DB. I can understand why Amazon don’t want to be punching bag of Ellison and buy $100 million worth of software from them.

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DynamoDB is the Amazon NoSQL database competing with MongoDB
Cosmos-DB is Microsoft version
Cloud Datastore is the Google Cloud version

So you can buy:

  • MongoDB licenses
  • VMs
  • Storage
  • install, manage and monitor all the MongoDB instances and bring up more VMs and storage (or reduce) when you need it.


You can just order the NoSQL service from the Public Cloud provider of your choice and they handle that for you.

I don’t know the market share of MongoDB versus these other options, but that’s the competition I am focusing on.

I am long MDB, Goog and Amzn considering Msft


FWIS, winds of change is sweeping redwood shore errr Seattle… leadership changes, long-term “legacy” corporate folks are moving in to take over Oracle cloud…

I think in last Oracle Open world, Oracle made some splash with their partnership announcement with Salesforce, and may be this time SAP?

interesting times ahead…