An Apple Christmas?…

Christmas will be Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) scented this year, judging from Black Friday weekend sales. “It’s an Apple holiday season — it’s all about iPhones, Apple Watch, iPads and Apple TV,” Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry said in a research report Saturday…

Global Equities Research monitored sales at two Target stores, three Best Buy stores and five Apple stores for its report.
Apple’s iPhones and Apple Watch were the top-selling products, followed by iPads and Apple TV, Chowdhry said…

A Black Friday report out Sunday from the Consumer Technology Association showed strong sales of smartphones and tablets over the first official weekend of holiday shopping,

The Apple Watch was especially popular in stores, Target said

Phones are good for SWKS, watches not so much.


Hi Peter,
I am fine with data from other stores, but Apple Stores?
It will be great if turns out to be true, AAPL is a big holding for me:)-