an excerpt from PD call relevant to Zoom

We’ve all been trying to figure out what post virus future looks like for companies like Zoom and I think this commentary from the sales guy at PD sums it up pretty well. Humans will need to get together, they will start flying, dining, lodging again but they will start using technology like Zoom to increase productivity (at least in the corporate world). That probably means a bit less flying, dining and lodging, less sales jobs and, most importantly for this forum, a lot more reliance on technologies like Zoom. Its fascinating to me how all these companies we follow here have created their own ecosystem… Zoom uses Crowdstrike and PD, PD uses Zoom and probably Crowdstrike etc… The early winners in this space will be the medium term champions (long term, who the heck knows)

I miss seeing real life people, I got to tell you. I mean, this Zoom is a major improvement over the call, but I really liked to get out and see our customers and demonstrate our care for them personally. So I’m still very frustrated extrovert in that regard. But I would say getting a 3x registrant count and the engagement that we saw from customers at EMEA is very encouraging. And in fact, like I said, it’s really – we really expanded our reach as opposed to being limited to people who could make it to London in person, and the pipeline build, I think, has been commensurate with that. So we do expect – I mean, I think about it, like we had just over a thousand attendees at San Francisco summit last year, and we’re over 5,000 registrants, which is well ahead of, like I said, nearly 5x where we were last year. So we will look to convert that. And I think we’re kind of in the right place at the right time with the sales team being a little bit more productive and being a little more focused with some exciting products coming out. In terms of replacing the networking, we’ve experimented with a lot of different things from wine tasting nights to you name it. And I think everybody would say they would rather be able to get together in person, but at the same time we get productivity gains. I can see – I can talk to six customers in a day where I would have had to fly six hours to meet two, right, in the past. And that’s just an example of the way my schedule has changed. So I think the ability, particularly for our enterprise team to get on Zoom with people and be able to discuss more strategic relationships, there’s a little bit of a productivity upside there. But it’s getting – we’re just getting used to the new normal. The good news about our business though is we do have this high velocity land and expand motion. And if you recall, the vast majority of our logos land through e-commerce. So that doesn’t change. And so I think continuing to build PagerDuty’s awareness, summit is a big part of that. It helps us to drive more demand and expand the customer base that we can build upon in years to come."