An Idea of What A Roku Channel Does

From March 2018, an idea of how many ad impressions one Channel, FilmRise, brings in per month.

FilmRise has launched several classic Carsey-Werner TV shows on its ad-supported Roku streaming channel, including the “3rd Rock From the Sun.”

The FilmRise channel ranks at No. 15 among top free channels on the platform, according to a release from the company. The channel generates more than 300 million monthly ad impressions and reaches nearly 20 million users who can watch movies and TV on demand for free, according to the release.

Total streaming hours have increased greater than 70% since then. A lot of that gets soaked up into subscription services like Netflix or HBO. But this number 15 at the time channel did 300,000,000 ad impressions per month as of March 2018. When they were only available on Roku. They have expanded to other platforms since then. In context, ad impressions are pennies per impression. Maybe even fractions of pennies in some cases.

But that adds up to a lot of pennies. And there’s a lot of content and rapidly expanding.…