An OT post with some great Covid advice!

I was idly glancing at the list of the most recommended posts in the entire MF universe over the past week, and happily noticing that 17 of the top 20 were from our board, when I stumbled on this very apt and thoughtful post by GoofyHoofy, on another board, responding to a question about Covid-19. It was in the top ten most recommended posts. The question he was responding to is in italics below and his response follows. I hope that it will be of benefit to you. PLEASE DON’T EXTEND THE THREAD!

Please tell all of us what we should do. Please?..

The science has not changed much since the beginning, although we are always learning more.

  1. Keep your distance. Germs flood out for everyone’s mouth, even those who do not (yet) appear sick as they talk, and especially as they yell or engage in other vigorous vocal exercises.

  2. Wear a mask. When you wear a mask you are protecting yourself, although you are protecting others more. Everyone wearing masks protects everyone, although perhaps not perfectly, but certainly more than not wearing a mask.

  3. Tone down your lifestyle. You don’t need to go to market every day, aim for once or twice a week.

  4. Wash your hands frequently and use sanitizer after every public interaction, as with shopping carts, etc.

Be especially cognizant of those who do not pay attention to #1 and #2, like young people who go out drinking, people going to sporting events (yes, they are still happening), and the like. Try not to interact with them except at great distance.

Try to remove the crazy from your life. If someone tells you Covid happens because of sex with demons in your dreams, stop talking to that person. Don’t read crazy conspiracy crap on the internet. This is not difficult, but we seem to have been taken over by lunatics who insist that science is always wrong, and unqualified people with loud voices deserve to be listened to. They don’t.

I hope this brief tutorial has been helpful. If you follow it… you will probably be OK. Everyone I know who has died (six so far) has caught it directly from, or indirectly from someone who was not paying attention. This, for me, so far includes three people of my brother’s wife’s family who “got together for a weekend on the cape”, the mother of a pastor who got it from a parishioner, and two husbands of friends who got it at work before anyone was really paying attention.

It’s real. It’s not fake news. Even if you catch it it will probably not kill you, but it will make you miserable for a month and research shows that it does permanent heart damage to a significant percentage of those affected. That is a bigger risk than almost anything else you’re doing, so why not take a couple of non-painful steps to lower the risk even more?