Analyzing Growth Stocks: Part 6

I’m working on a series of posts about analyzing growing companies. I just published Part 6 of the series. I would have cross-posted it here, but the post contains a number of screenshots and figures that cannot be included in TMF board posts. Therefore, I’m providing a link to the post here:

Part 6 is all about examining, tracking, and analyzing a company for evidence of scaling and realization of operating leverage. This is a path that successful hyper growth companies must follow if they are to reach scale, profitability, and excess Free Cash Flow (FCF). Achieving profitability enables a company to self-fund its own future growth (i.e. no more dilutive rounds of financing required). Excess FCF enables the company to return capital to investors.



GR. one word. “Outstanding” followed by two words thank you. OT reply I know, sorry Saul and board but had to be said. The info therein if truly taken in is an education in itself.