Ancillary TDOC/Livongo news

It was 3 years ago that 3 of the most powerful CEOs/companies in the world announced they were taking on the medical industrial complex to come up with better healthcare solutions. Those were famously Bezos/Amazon, Buffett/Bershire, and Dimon/JPM. Shares of healthcare related companies dropped at the mere mention of these 3 behemoths throwing their hat into the healthcare field. They certainly had all the cash necessary to make an impact, but this news came out today……

The announcement three years ago that the CEOs of Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase had teamed up to tackle one of the biggest problems facing corporate America – high and rising costs for employee health care – sent shock waves throughout the world of medicine. Shares of healthcare companies tumbled on fears about how the combined might of leaders in technology and finance could wring costs out of the system.

The company will stop operations next month, so much for that experiment, I guess money can’t buy everything. Yet TDOC/LVGO continue to disrupt in the healthcare market with triple digit growth, I guess what they do isn’t so easy (bring down health care costs with disruptive technology and relationships).

Long TDOC/LVGO - 15% position (#2 in my port) and looking forward to what this year will bring for the company.