and sometimes it is!

He’s expanding what he’ll eat lately. Stir fries and curries are back on the menu, I just need to be sure the protein and veggies are soft (so nicely cooked meat/shrimp and overcooked veggies-), and not too spicy. He still eats beans and lentils if not too spicy, eggs, and fish. He loves Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s refrigerated chicken pot pie (just a top crust), so I get that once a week for his lunch. He still loves any fruit juice (or soda-), yogurt, and PBJ. And any cereal I give him (I only give him relatively healthy kinds). No more afternoon smoothies–it curbs his dinner appetite.

This week’s dinners are sweet & sour pork, stuffed salmon, chicken biryani, Greek shrimp, and tofu burgers.


Sounds delicious! :wink: