I saw the trailer for the D+ series “ANdor” over at the Star Wars YouTube channel. It was really good. I guess it is considered more of a teaser trailer than a true one, but nevertheless, it seems cool. A comment mentioned that it almost seemed like a trailer for a theatrical film, and I would agree…there really is a lot of quality here (at least, that’s my first impression, maybe it won’t live up to it, but I’ll only know that from you guys here who will watch it, because I won’t be, not a + subscriber).

Nevertheless, it just seems like something the fans will like. I think it’s supposed to release at the end of August. Let’s hope “Obi-wan” keeps everyone entertained until then…

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The trick is that while the Star Wars productions for Disney+ are filmed using a virtual reality production technique, they bring a very visceral feel to the screen so yes, you feel like this was a big screen production edited to fit your small screen. Except it wasn’t. It was just a production that could have been at home anywhere.

Here’s more on the technique from when The Mandalorian first wowed audiences:


This virtual reality StageCraft was mastered by the initial class of directors who have gone on to other Star Wars and Marvel series on Disney+ as well as theatrical releases, and the technology is also being utilized outside of LucasFilm™, including the Warner Brothers release of The Batman.

Sometimes we forget that ILM (Industrial Light and Magic for the uninitiated) remains a powerful visual effects studio for hire outside of the House of Mouse as well as an invaluable resource within.

Who thinks $7.99 is a small price to pay to check out Disney+ just for a month to get a better feel for the production quality StageCraft delivers…

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