ANET - Heck Yeah

As much as I try to keep a level head about things, watching one of my picks up 18% on the day sure does feel darn good.

Plus it is 64 degrees here in Chicago today breaking the record for the day set back in 1880.
I could be playing golf if the courses were open!

Take care all,


In Champaign, not that far south of you, it is 70 and there are golfers on the course out our window.

I graduated with a Civil Engineering degree from UofI. It is one of the few things that I brag about as I consider myself very humble.…

Honestly, I have no idea how I ever made it through with a decent grade point average considering my poor track record of actually attending class. To this day, I still consider it one of my greatest accomplishments - having that much fun while actually earning a degree that could make me money later in life.

If you are ever up in Chicago, look me up for a beer and stock discussion!

And to the board:
Sorry for the social banter. To pay for that, I extend the same offer of a beer and stock discussion if you are in Chicago!

Take care,


My undergrad degree was also UIUC … back then, there was no undergrad degree in CS, so mine was in anthro (makes more sense when you know that my PhD. was also Biological Anthro, but the topic was a new form of multivariate statistics). I managed the class discipline by having something like a third of my hours as either proficiency credits or self-designed classes … made it a lot easier!

Depending on when you were here, my father used to be Director of the Health Service at the University.

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