ANET: Jayshree's Gem

Stumbled upon this blog post by CEO Jayshree Ullal from two weeks ago. I really enjoyed this post and found it on Arista’s Facebook page. Let me know your thoughts…



Jayshree is one very impressive CEO. She understands her customers, she understands their problems and she understands the path to the future and the role Arista plays in it. And more importantly, she has performed remarkably well as captain of the ship in guiding them to delivery on mission critical products and services to their customers.

I don’t think anyone who is paying any attention can deny this.

But, as Saul noted when he sold his position, none of that is really the deciding question with respect to an investment thesis. While those are all necessary ingredients, the important question is give their leadership position and high quality leadership, at what sustained growth rate can Arista conduct business. Arista may be without peer in their chosen field, but that is not sufficient. If Arista’s performance is not on a par with other investment opportunities then it does not represent the highest and best use of one’s investment capital.

The argument is not solely about the quality of Arista in terms of their place in the market and their leadership. It is about their relative position with respect to other opportunities.