ANET Lawsuit(s) Question

What is the status of these and what do the followers of Saul’s Dussion Board think about buying before vs. after the settlement(s)? Thank you in advance. Did not find much when I searched.


Hello sjo -

There have been a number of posts on this board that addressed the CISCO/ANET lawsuit situation. I, personally, was never all that concerned.

The best evidence that the lawsuits are becoming less and less material came in February when an administrative law judge ruled in favor of Cisco on three counts. The market reaction? ANET shares rose in price. Why? Because it was obvious that ANET had developed workarounds that would mitigate/minimize damage.

Here’s an article from SA that discusses this:

…analysts aren’t worried about the ruling’s impact on Arista. Gabelli’s Hendi Susanto: “Arista intends to fully address the infringement allegations with a new release of EOS (operating software platform) available for software download in Q2 2016 … We believe Arista Networks has been working on all potential workaround for all patents in its legal battle against Cisco.”

Stifel’s Sanjiv Wadhwani: “Conversations with customers indicate that customers are fine with the result, and do not see it as a material impact.”

Hope this helps.