Annoyance when using Safari

When I browse TMF (and most other sites), I make frequent use of the back button. Here, I’ll be looking at a category, then click on a topic to read that. When I’m done reading, I use the back button to go back to the category. On my desktop, that works fine. The page is cached and I immediately get right back to where I was in the list of topics in the category.

But when using Safari on an iOS device (two different iPhones and an iPad), I frequently don’t go back to where I left off. When I hit the back button, I’m taken to some seemingly random spot way down in the list of topics. I may have been looking at topics just a couple of hours old (since the most recent post), but when I go back I’ll be taken to a spot days or even weeks in the past.

One thing that might be a hint - when this does happen, it seems to be in longer Topics and I’m reading at the bottom of those topics (where the newest posts are). Perhaps there’s some bit of position caching going on that saves the position on the page I’m leaving when going backwards. But that’s nothing more than wild speculation. I’d have to leave it to the programmers to figure out what’s going on.


Anyone here??

Am I the only one seeing this issue? Or the only one bothered by it?

You might try asking your question on the “Help with this STUPID computer” board.

As for the problem you describe, using the Vivaldi browser (based on Chromium) - butit may be the same for all browsers - some sites do take over the back history so that using the “back” button either does nothing or takes you to another page from the same site. But usually, that can be overcome by holding down the back button when clicking, which presents you with a list of all the available back history for the tab, and you can often escape via that route.