Another Reason for the Wagner revolt

A Cruel twist Prigozhin and Putin will renege on the promises…This is my speculation!

How much do Wagner Group soldiers get paid?

During their training, the PMCs receive $1,100 per month. The pay of Wagner PMCs, who are usually retired regular Russian servicemen aged between 35 and 55, is estimated to be between 80,000 and 250,000 Russian rubles a month (667–2,083 USD). One source stated the pay was as high as 300,000 (US$2,500).

How much are Wagner mercenaries paid?

Families of Wagner mercenaries killed fighting for Putin are given $60,000 compensation – and the number of payouts may be affecting Russia’s economy. Wagner soldiers’ families receive about 5 million rubles (about $60,000) when a relative is killed.3 days ago