Another Renewable Milestone Reached

Here is a Wind Power milestone reached in the US: Evergy reaches milestone for energy production

… Evergy wind farms reached a milestone of 100 million megawatt hours of wind energy production this week.

They said that is enough electricity to power Kauffman Stadium at peak usage for more than 3,300 straight years. Kansas currently ranks number two in the country for wind generation as a percentage of total energy generation.

Evergy currently serves approximately 1.6 million customers throughout Kansas and Missouri. In 2021, the wind energy they generated was equivalent to 56% of their retail customers’ usage.

Wind and solar subscriptions are available to any residential and small business customers who want more of their energy to come from renewable sources. The company also uses other energy sources such as coal, gas, fuel oil, wind, solar, nuclear, biogas, and hydroelectric.…


The dust bowl of the 1930s do make you think that Oklahoma and Kansas have lots of wind and should be excellent sites for wind turbines. They are far from economic centers which poses some problems. The need for additional power lines covering distances.

Oklahoma is also a center of the natural gas industry. Conversion of that electricity into hydrogen for shipping could make sense.

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