Another SHOP catalyst?

This will be interesting to watch. Thoughts?

Shopify And The Darkstore Catalyst

This catalyst was recently brought to our attention over the 2018 NBA All Star Weekend, wherein athletic retail giant Nike (NKE) teamed up with Shopify, budding social media platform Snap (SNAP), and decentralized fulfillment center start-up Darkstore to pilot a new way of commerce that, if replicated at scale, will decentralize the retail landscape and allow for small and medium sized e-commerce businesses to compete at scale with larger players.

Darkstore essentially allows anyone to “rent” out extra space (storage facilities, malls, bodegas, etc) as a quasi-fulfillment center for partner brands. This enables smaller retail companies (and even larger ones) to store inventory in quasi-fulfillment centers across the globe without setting up multi-million dollar, full-fledged fulfillment centers. Darkstore then leverages growing last-mile delivery systems (Uber Rush, Postmates, etc) to fulfill same day delivery. Essentially, Darkstore is the Airbnb or Uber in the fulfillment center world which allows retailers to set up low-cost fulfillment centers anywhere in the world.…


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