Another Ugly Parasailing Accident In the Keys

A few years ago two people died in a similar accident right before a cold front presaging a storm moved in and snapped the line.

Here, it was a flats fishermen, not the company towing the parasail, who was first to arrive and pull the three from the water.

A 33-year old mom dies and one of her two young sons is in critical condition. They were involved in a horrific parasail accident where the cable snapped and the three of them were dragged through the water for about a mile. They hit the 7-Mile Bridge.…

When he arrived at their location, he and his two passengers brought the woman and children aboard the boat.

One child, who was about 10 to 12 years old, was battered but conscious. The other child, who is around 7, was unconscious and wrapped in the parasail’s lines, Callion said. “It was pretty much the worst thing you could imagine,” he said. “It was real bad.”

Callion had to cut the harness to free the three from the chute, which was hung up on the old bridge.

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More details have come out explaining how this negligent boat captain cut the line to the parasail instead of taking evasive zig zag maneuvers to help deflate the chute.…

A parasailing cable tethering a young mother and two children to a boat was intentionally cut by the vessel’s captain on Memorial Day, plunging them into the water and dragging them across the surface before they hit a Florida Keys bridge, according to police investigating the case.

The 33-year-old woman from Schaumburg, Illinois, Supraja Alaparthi, was dead by the time a “good Samaritan” boat captain delivered her and the children to a restaurant in the Middle Keys city of Marathon, which police, Coast Guard crews and paramedics were using as a staging area for Monday’s tragedy.

“The woman was deceased on the scene,” said Petty Officer 3rd Class Ryan Estrada, a Coast Guard spokesman.