Another well-regarded builder - NVR

Saul, have you heard of NVR?

Vanguard offers its account holders reports from two rating services, Argus and Marketgrader. Homebuilder NVR only has a report from Marketgrader:…

They’re rated at the top of builder stocks, one above LGIH.

It does seem like boilerplate to a certain extent, but I assume Vanguard is using a less biased service than most, and I’ve gotten a few ideas from them.

I discovered that anyone can get these reports by changing the ticker symbol near the end of the URL, right before “.pdf”. Not all tickers will work, but many will. UBNT gets a high rating, for instance, better than IDCC and GOOG.


I can’t help you a ton w NVR. What I can tell you is that in my prior life in banking, I worked in a group that financed mortgage originators, including builders. My group participated in a loan to NVR and while I was not directly involved, I was a stand in at one of their bank meetings (This was circa 1998). They were well regarded then, and I have occasionally checked in on the stock over years and it always seems to do well/recover quickly, etc. Saville (CEO) and Schar (chairman) have been there forever. I met both.


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