Any preppers in the house? Cyber expert warns Americans to prep for Chinese cyber attacks

Americans should prepare for cyber sabotage from Chinese hackers, US official warns
By Raphael Satter
June 12, 20233:49 PM CDTUpdated 6 hours ago

“Given the formidable nature of the threat from Chinese state actors, given the size of their capability, given how much resources and effort they’re putting into it, it’s going to be very, very difficult for us to prevent disruptions from happening,” she said.


How does one prepare for such an attack against one’s bank and/or brokerage?
Two factor ID.
Strong password.




Everything is two factor ID. I strengthened my passwords as well.

I think Windows has a VPN. I need to reactivate it.

I am getting attempts to scam me now that I have NFTs. This was expected. Makes the two factor ID very important.

This guy, Jason Hanson, recommends a service called to remove your info from the web.

Credit freeze all 3 credit companies.

And use a VPN.

ralph has no connection to any person, website, or service mentioned.

I would be more concerned about water, food, gas and electricity.



We could all join the Amish. I noticed, on the road to Shipshewana, Indiana, kept passing big farms, but there were no electrical or telephone wires running along the road.

Steve…there were also extra wide, paved, shoulders on the roads for the buggies.


No tractors in the fields or yards, and plenty of big wooden barns.

A fan of old barns

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Speaking of prepping, I hope the government does a better job than they did in Afghanistan.

The planning has been underway for at least six months and “it’s heated up over the past two months or so,” said a senior U.S. intelligence official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to discuss the planning…

The planning process has been kept quiet because it is a sensitive subject for the Taiwanese government, one source said; more generally, one former State Department official said, "Even talking about an [evacuation plan] starts people thinking something may be going on even if it is just prudent planning.”

As of 2019, more than 80,000 Americans were in Taiwan…


Yup. As I drove past, I noticed one of those huge, umpteen horse, teams, working in a field. Also noticed a buggy traveling down the road, because the horse pulling it didn’t look right. I have never seen Alzheimer’s in a horse before, but that horse had that look of not being all there. Tied on behind the buggy, was a frisky young horse. Seems Abe had just been down to the dealer to buy a replacement for his old horse. Bet the old nag was on it’s way to the glue factory the next day.

After visiting the museum I went there to visit, I was driving down a city street, to the 2 lane highway that would get me to the interstate. As I eased past a buggy, I paused for a moment to listen to the rhythmic clopclop…clopclop of the horse’s hooves on the pavement.

The net is a wonderful thing. Short video of a buggy on the road. The horse’s gait seems totally effortless, like it could do that for hours.


If our power goes out throughout the entire nation generally we have only had one uprising where the capitol was stormed.

If we retaliate against China their revolution for liberation would probably begin.

Game on!!

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