anyone follow NVTA?

The growth rate is >100%; EV/S and P/S about 10 (now below 10 with the price drop). Current cap = 1.52B. Gross profit a bit low at ~46%. Looks pretty good based on the numbers.

The company is conducting a public offering of $125 with details remain unknown, ~10% of the current cap (if it drops by 7-8% tomorrow). Good entry point?

“Invitae (NYSE:NVTA) slips 4% after hours in response to its $125M public offering of common stock. Underwriters over-allotment will be an additional $18.75M of stock. Price, volume and terms have yet to be announced.”…

There was a recent and extensive thread here on NVTA. You can find such info yourself by using Google site search. In this case you would enter…
site: “invitae”

The top three hits are all posts on the above mentioned thread. Hope this helps and happy reading.

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Thank you both, banjr and JKB2016