Apple Resales Strong

FWIW, I am having significant difficulty buying a used iphone 11 or higher. Used pricing is very strong. Plus there are no deals at retail level for any old models. I am always able to get a deal at least half price or lower. I can’t even buy used for less than 70% of new. I think iphone sales are still amazingly strong!


The online Apple store has many varieties of refurbished iPhone 11 available. And, yes, the prices are quite high due to high demand.


Bought a iphone 12 today. Used but Battery 100% Decided to go 5g, 11 does not have this. Paid $440.

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Where did you find a used one with 100% battery?

$440 is a very good price I think.

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Last time I looked the trade in value on my iPhone 11 Pro Max was $400… I haven’t looked in a while, pretty satisfied with it…

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@wecoguy That’s the “straight” trade in value, but many carriers will give you a higher trade in value if you buy your new phone from then on an installment plan (T-mobile is usually 24 months, AT&T is usually 30 months). I just did a quick check and AT&T will give you $800 trade in value for an iPhone 11 128GB if you buy an iPhone 14 on installment plan.

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Well, we’re locked, personally with Verizon, I/WeCo/LU, put in , upgraded, many of their sites and they have had the best coverage in all our wanderings, camping, etc… They began with he old AMPS system, and have been adding, upgrading ever since. Savviest techs in the field to work with, and I’ve seen similar in our local Verizon Store… Admittedly, I’m also an investor, so their dividends, along with T’s and AAPL’s don’t hurt either… We also built the Sprint system, AT&T didn’t come to us (LU) for even any biding on their system, I think it’s maybe Erickson, but they seemed to actually;t hide the projects from us, about the time of our spinoff as LU, maybe…

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Similar here, but I sold my T (worked for them, Bell Labs, through divestiture and into the early 90’s), never owned VZ, and love my TMUS and AAPL.

For my T investment, CAGR was only 8.43% over the decade that I held it. I finally got tired of repeated media adventures followed by restructuring, and sold on 1/18/22 before the last dividend cut. For my TMUS investment, CAGR is currently 24.17% over nearly a decade. I kick myself often for selling half my position back in 2015 at $35!!! And my AAPL investment is, by far, my largest position of all, growing very nicely over the last 15-20 years. I regret every single sale of Apple shares over the years. I don’t sell shares anymore, and when I feel the need to “play”, I use options instead.


I regret every single sale of Apple shares over the years. I don’t sell shares anymore, and when I feel the need to “play”, I use options instead.

I bought Apple in the late 1980s and then sold it not long after. I became convinced that Microsoft would dominate. I have calculated what those Apple shares would be worth now. Kind of depressing to contemplate.

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I bought into AAPL in about '93 and again '95, so have rode it through many, many highs and valleys, initially about $8k of what had been left of cash I was frittering away. We had a Mac User Group in the area, and one of our gurus had old me I should jump aboard.

My WeCo days turned into Lucent days (Installation), we were bounding along, so I had dumped my OT into LU shares, and they were looking good. I did set up a transfer, move a chunk into a fund, would have been safer, but at the last moment, seeing all the work, OT we had going, I cancelled that order, rode LU down to cab fare… A memorable error in judgement… But the AAPL has replaced that loss many times over, but that was/is a memorable moment. One keystroke could have saved a nice chunk.

So now, all are HOLDs, for whatever the future brings… I had about 40 years, '63-'02 at WE/T/LU, fun job, mostly, rare threats of cutbacks, tons of good folks to work with, customers, support folk as needed… Playing with the latest technology, always learning, mainly Northern Calif, but a bit of wandering, Kwajalein, Hawaii, as well as many training centers here in the US… Hard to believe I’ve been retired 20 years already!


Wow, that’s pretty good !

Are you spending more $ in retirement than you thought you would ?

Well, like everyone, well, many, prices have gone up a tad since my retirement, but we both worked, saved, but also spent a bit on travel, remodeling since retiring…

Our travels began earlier, however, in '76 we went trotting off to Greece, on our own, well a combo land and sea tour from a local Greek company that worked out well. Initially considered Tahiti, but then this came in at the same price, so we were off tot he foundations of civilization… A neighbor hot us interested, he was a purser on a ship that went around South America, always tales to tell… But since then, Italy, London, Canada, Fiji, Tahiti, Australia, Paris, Spain, a couple Viking River cruises, Amsterdam to Budapest & St Petersburg to Moscow, an Ocean Viking cruise Norway, Scotland, London again, Denmark as well as a lot of camping trips, as well as a couple times to Puerto Vallarta, as well s Hawaii… So a bit of bounding about…

Remodels, earlier I’d done all the work myself, now I let contractors handle it… But indeed some monies went there, too…

Since beginning from near zero, yes, indeed, we’ve spent more than we ever thought we would, because we weren’t always able to see this far ahead…

Pretty surprising, actually… Some luck involved, of course, but a long time marriage, partnership surely has helped greatly… Blink, 60 years just went by!

So far so good!