Apple to incorporate cash receipt into iPhone

With the rumor about an upcoming update to iOS taking on the ability for companies to accept payments without additional hardware (i.e. Square), would it be wise to consider dropping SQ from our portfolios while we still have made an ample profit? If this rumor is true, the demand for Square will plummet, along with its stock price.

Hi, GlandsDoc.

I cannot offer you individual or specific investment advice, but I would point out that iPhones are only part of the larger mobile device hardware market, and that there is no guarantee that such a feature will actually be introduced much less eat into Block’s business model. I would also not discount the probability that Block will have a response with its own offerings to make a case for customers to continue to stay loyal.

In other words, I don’t trade on rumors.

Who is not concerned with the short-term market movements of Square but its long-term (3-5 years or longer) business growth strategy and that has to include preparing for and responding to competition…

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