Arista - a brilliant upgrade

Now that Arista has risen from $71 to $131 (84%) in the past eight months, Goldman Sacks today raised them from “Sell” to “Neutral”. That’s calling them isn’t it. Maybe we should worry that if they are upgrading it’s a bad sign.


You’re learning, dude. Be like George Costanza in the one episode where he won out, and do the opposite of Cramer and Goldman Sachs. :slight_smile:

More accurate is to say that a stopped clock is right twice a day, and somewhat right for several minutes around those times. That means you need to stick with your own thinking without needing any confirmation from them. If they agree with you, you might want to double check, but most likely you’ll be fine. You’re not going to be in agreement too often.

We can probably add a few other analysts to that list, eh? Like that one guy at Seeking Alpha who insists that Sears has vast hidden value. (Well, maybe it does for CEO Eddie, but not for the stockholders, and maybe not break-even for the pensioners or lenders or vendors.)

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