ARK purchasing a lot of TDOC

I re-read the rules of the board, and I don’t see anything that says not to post about fund purchases. If this is not ok, please let me know and I won’t share posts like this again.

ARK is a respected fund manager with a good track record. They send out a daily email listing all their purchases from that day - very transparent. I track all their purchases in an excel document. I don’t make decisions solely on this, but it’s one more piece of info that helps add conviction in some cases.

In the last week, they have bought TDOC every day in multiple funds - it is not normal for them to buy that rapidly. They have put more $ into TDOC in the last week than they have put into any other single stock in the last 3 months (except one - and that one was purchased over 8 weeks).

Long LVGO - largest holding


I am also a subscriber to those emails and have been looking on at that exact trend with particular interest.

Just to add some additional (albeit cautionary) perspective, ARK does tend to buy up stocks on a downturn that weren’t previously in any of their Top 10 holdings across their ETFs. As a bit of caution against reading too much into their TDOC buying, they’ve also done the same thing with Nutanix, Pure Storage, and Lending Club, to name a few, and those haven’t worked out so well for them (especially their long standing obsession with Lending Club). I don’t have exact numbers in front of me, but I know those purchases were frequent and significant.

All in all though, I think it’s awesome that they disclose their purchases every day, and as you say AnalogKid70, its just one more data point to use in your bucket of data points that you consider as an investor, especially since they are a unique active fund manager that invests in disruptive innovation that has at least some crossover to the growth stocks discussed on this board.



adding to the thread of fund purchases, but not related to LVGO…

California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS) disclosed Wednesday that it more than doubled its shares in ZM (Zoom Video Communications Inc., not ZoomInfo), while it re balanced its holdings of AAPL and MSFT) by trimming its stakes during the second quarter. So basically, it sold AAPL and MSFT to buy more ZM shares (among a few other companies).

As of June 30, the pension fund increased its ZM holding from 61,070 shares to to 341,358 shares.

Not only is that more than a double, that’s more than 5X.

At the risk of adding another post and clogging the board, I might do that just.