ARKK lagging QQQ over last 4 months

Just how far has ARKK fallen? Over the last 4 years it lags the QQQ. I find this quite amazing given some of the past returns of the fund. But at just under half it’s all time high it has lost a ton of ground in a short period of time. Will be interesting to see what it does by year end.


Title was wrong but I can’t fix it: ARKK lagging QQQ over last four years.

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ARKK vs. QQQ 10 years…

The Captain


ARKK vs. QQQ 10 years

Not 10 years, 5 years! Sorry!…

The Captain

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My weekly chart for $ARKK return vs. $QQQ going back 5 Years in Greg’s funny OP thread:


I cringe when I see the articles with her touting things.

She is into heady stuff. It is ruinous.

She is going to face liability possibly in the future.