article detailing a possible press attack on ZM…

This further explains what I was trying to say about short selling hedge funds trying to take down zm.
Jim chanos is one of the largest and most influential.
He disclosed his ZM short on CNBC the week of the all the bad press


Look: If Zoom really is shady, I’ll be right there with you burning them with fire. But I’m just not seeing that. Not here, not now. I’m seeing a company being torn down–maybe for money, for politics, or for sport, but for no good security reason that I can see. And this is causing a very real impact.

It needs to stop.

The first principle right now needs to be keeping the lights on.

Nothing else matters without availability.

Sounds like my kinda guy. BTW is Jim Chanos still short Tesla? How’s that working out for him?

long ZM and TSLA

It’s interesting to me how everyone criticizes negative press coverage as being motivated by short-selling but rarely criticizes positive press coverage as being motivated by holding long positions.

Zoom has gotten far more press coverage in both directions than most stocks, even those that have performed similarly well. When it was going up, a barrage of stories touted how it would keep going up. When it was under fire, a barrage of stories attacked it. Now a barrage of stories will say it’s been vindicated.

To attack only the negative stories is unwarranted in my view. Criticize instead the clickbait phenomenon more broadly from a viewpoint-neutral standpoint. Don’t blindly accept all the positive coverage that confirms your own positive views as somehow being morally superior to negative coverage. It’s all trying to grab your eyeballs.


ps Let me anticipate any ad hominem attack by saying that I am a writer and am guilty as charged of choosing to write about stories I think people will be more likely to read. I try to stay objective but I think everyone fails there to some extent.