Article on Twilio employee 1/Mattermark Founder/

I thought this was and interesting article on Danielle Morrill, the first employee at Twilio.

I’ve only taken a small starter position in them, and so found this background information interesting and intriguing. These are the types of people I like to invest in!…

Another interesting tidbit I discovered this week is that Authy, my preferred 2-Factor Authentication app (competitor to Google Authenticator) is published by Twilio. I’ve been using this app for a couple years now and absolutely love it. And I had NO IDEA it was put out by Twilio!

Anyway, sorry if this is clutter, I just thought it might be of interest to those following/invested in Twilio.



Thanks Paul!

Very interesting finding on Authy. Does this mean it is in direct competition with Okta in that aspect?



No, Authy is a 2-Factor Authentication app for your phone (and, if you use Chrome, also a browser plug-in). It’s most direct competitor would be Google Authenticator.

OKTA, in turn, is Single Sign-On solution which allows you to sign into different cloud SaaS services using a single set of credentials as if they were all located on the same network. In fact, OKTA can allow the user to use Authy as the 2FA mechanism for enhanced security.