Ask What You Can Do ...

Hey Fools,

Forgive the soapbox, but this needs to be said. There are two kinds of Fools: takers and givers.

Givers put thought, time, energy and effort into their posts. They realize that people on this board are doing the heavy lifting and want to actually add real, tangible value. And they care about showing up at the Pot Luck with their very best bucket of gumbo. They come to enrich the community and take pride in their work.

And then there are other people who just post thoughtless questions which essentially say, “I’m too lazy to do the work, and I lack the faith in myself necessary to add value, so will you all do it for me?” Or they post comments with virtually no red meat - as in valuable information that meaningfully helps us make better decisions. These are the folks who not only show up at the pot luck empty handed they bring a big spoon to gorge themselves off other’s labor.

Crowdsourcing our knowledge is our competitive advantage.

If you want to thank the board, don’t say it, show it by doing the work.

I’m not a financial analyst nor am I tech savvy, so I try to add value where I can by exploring the people, strategies, products, services of the companies we’re interested in. And I try to put in real time - hours, one time even three full days - into my posts.

For me the return on my invested time is 100x. This is not a message board about sports. Or politics. And it’s not even about investing. It’s about the safety and security and happiness of our families and communities. I have been able to give more money to the causes my family believes in than ever before because of the Fool. And this board in particular.

Take a second and check your rec count. This is not about ego. It’s about value. The rec count is a legit indicator of whether or not you’ve said something useful. We have a fair-minded community. And I encourage all to thoughtfully rec, based on red-meat information. Don’t confuse politeness with value. We’re not a drum circle.

Be a net contributor, not a drain. You can do this - breathe, study, read classic books on investing, psychology and strategy, think, cut out more trivial pursuits and commit real time to doing what you can to help. Think outside the box. Buy a book, call a friend, study our companies’ products, services, leaders, reports. Watch YouTube clips. Up your game.

Help push the boulder up the hill.

Ask Not What the Fool Can Do For You, Ask What You Can Do for the Fool.

We’re worth it. The Fool is worth it. This board is worth it. You can find the time and develop the skill. Even if it takes years. It’s worth. I’ve been here twenty years. And am just now reaping the full benefits of the lessons learned.

Fool On,

Broadway Dan

PS - The film “Yesterday” is about a world in which the Beatles no longer exist. And only one kid knows their songs. It’s a bit sappy, but it strikes a nerve about how fragile life - and greatness - really is. We could easily be living in a world with no Beatles. Same for the Fool, which is barely 25 years-old. Companies get greedy, lose focus, sell out, die. All the time. I’m sure the Fool would be a killer jewel in bigger crowns. And so many of these crowns have let these jewels rot and die. The Onion was bought by Univision and is a pitiful shell of its former self. It’s worth considering. The Fool is bigger than a company.

This is the trailer for “Yesterday” -


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