At least 20 California public university board members linked to fossil fuels

At least 20 board members at California public universities have direct ties to the fossil fuel industry, a new analysis has found, sparking criticism from climate advocates on and off campus.

Of the state’s 32 public universities, board members at one-third of them either work or have worked for oil and gas companies, as do two board members at the California State University’s foundation.

The University of California became the largest educational system in the US to divest from fossil fuels in May 2020, and the following year, California State University followed suit.

But despite these major wins for the divestment movement, the new analysis from climate-focused research group Sunstone Strategies suggests the schools, which serve more than a quarter of a million students, still have links through their boards to the oil and gas sector, which remains powerful in California.

Read the article and see Chevron ties all over the place.

So we all use fossil fuels and now people in the fossil fuels industry can not participate on boards? Seems unreasonable.



It is being a selective purist.