Avantis All Equity Markets ETF

New fund of funds from Avantis. Could be a nice option for someone who wants to factor tilt with a hands-off one-fund portfolio.

AVGE - Avantis® All Equity Markets ETF | Avantis Investors

0.25% ER is quite reasonable.

“Tilt”?? Haven’t heard that term before, except maybe for pinball machines.

Good explanation here:

Factor Investing and Factor ETFs - The Ultimate Guide (optimizedportfolio.com)

“Factor investing simply refers to consciously overweighting, or tilting , specific assets above their market weight to attempt to capture a premium (excess return) from an independent source of risk, known as a risk factor . These risk factors simply describe characteristics of assets, and explain the differences in returns between diversified portfolios previously attributed to “skill.” The handful of widely accepted factors includes Beta, Size, Value, Momentum, Profitability, and Investment.”

Avantis tilt to the profitability, value and size factors. Only time will tell if it works in practice.

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Looks like it’s a fund of funds, all holdings are other Avantis ETF’s, which have their own fees.

Not my “cup of tea.” I tend to look at Vanguard ETF’s, but don’t know if there are any VG equivalent to this fund. I think VG Target Date funds are funds of funds but the resemblance ends there.

Also testing the new TMF format and not particularly enamored by it either.


The 025% ER includes the underlying ETFs. Avantis charge 0.03% for the wrapper over the underlying fund fees.

Vanguard don’t have all in one ETFs*. They have the target date Mutual funds and Lifestrategy mutual funds. Vanguard are also half-hearted around factor investing.

I like Vanguard, we have a lot with them. They’re great for market cap index funds.

  • Actually I thought later that the Vanguard ETF VT might qualify as a competitor for this Avantis fund. VT is pretty much a global cap weighted ETF that a person could have as an only equity holding.