Has anyone looked into AVAV? Its a Rule Breaker from a few months ago.

They had great earnings and it shot up to 36 (from 30) and now has retreated back to 30.

They build drones for the military predominately but are also in commercial. Big opportunity in that market IMO.


I’m interested in that stock too and hope to do a deeper dive soon.

I just took a nibble in swks which is a mobile semiconductor/ internet of things play. Valuation looks reasonable and it just had really good earnings growth. Esp adjusted earnings growth.

Also took a nibble on gild after looking at its valuation and eps growth.

Another one I’m looking at is bcei. I’m looking for a naturals gas/ shale/ bakken play. I think pfie fits in this slot too.

On the train is my excuse if this comes out not making any sense.