Avigilon Aiocf

Avigilon AIOCF

Who is Avigilon: Canadian company Avigilon is a leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of high definition, network-based video surveillance systems and equipment for the global security market.
The Avigilon high-definition surveillance system has been designed to provide high quality video capture, transmission, recording and playback.

Since the commercial launch of its surveillance system in 2007, Avigilon has experienced significant growth in sales. From 2008, its first full year of sales, up to and including 2011, the compound annual growth rate of revenue has been 125%.


Software -They have 3 server software packages the Core package allows 24 cameras per server and needs 1 server this also gives you 2 client licenses per server.

Next they have the Standard package which supports up to 48 cameras with 1 server and 5 licenses per server.

Finally they have the Enterprise package which supports up to 128 cameras per server with 100 servers and unlimited licenses.

The software allows you to monitor multiple cameras from one location and have the cameras on your screen. It also allows you to go and check previous footage to easily find incidents that you might need to look at. You can also have the system bring in an alarm when an event has occurred that you have pre-programmed into the system to show as an alarm. There is also remote viewing with Apple or Android products. This allows you to see your cameras using cell phones or tablets. This is a complete digital IP based system that will allow the integration of older analog cameras. This will allow the upgrade and ease of use with older security systems.


They have many different cameras that you can install.
Each of these cameras have different characteristics. Allowing varying resolution and coverage. (MP = Megapixel)

H.264 HD cameras
1 MP, 1.3 MP, 2 MP, 3 MP, 5 MP

HD Bullet Cameras
1 MP, 2 MP, 3 MP 5 MP

HD Pro Cameras
8 MP, 12 MP, 16 MP, 29 MP

HD Domes
1 MP, 1.3MP, 2 MP, 3 MP, 5 MP

HD Micro Dome
1 MP, 2 MP

HD PTZ Cameras 360 degree view
1 MP, 2 MP

HD Panoramic 180 or 360 degree view
8 MP

HD LPR (License Plate Recognition)
Allows the capture of license plates night or day up to 100 feet away


Comes with stand alone work station or high performance servers it will come with ACC (Avigilon Control Center) which will allow, according to the package you purchase, you to view and sort through recordable images and view in real time. It also supplies you with different sizes of drives to store all your recordings.


Analog video encoder which allows older analog devices to be employed into the Digital Avigilon system. This will convert the video from analog to digital allowing you to use the ACC to sort through the video.


Lenses - they supply lenses for many different camera formats including domed and fixed.

USB Professional joystick keyboard - The USB joystick keyboard allows you to have easy and complete control of all the functionality of Avigilon Control Center for viewing live footage, managing playback of recorded video and operation of PTZ controls

Power over Ethernet - POE allows the powering and data to travel over the same cable to each camera.

Camera Enclosures - Protects cameras from vandals and the weather
Access Control

Easy control of all cameras from one location. Seamlessly integrates with legacy, analog or digital security systems.

Video Analytics

Get detailed pre and post incident notification, Stop incidents before they happen by the software having preconfigured analytics rules that will spot trouble. This software works 24/7 and will send an alert to security personnel.



Who is Avigilon?

Andy, A very nice post. Thank you for all the work you put in to collect all that data.


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Thanks Saul I am still studying this company but I did pick up a small portion today. A few more interesting notes that I found. The CEO has an associate’s degree from a community college in Canada. The bonus’s of the management team are tied to Increases in Revenue and net income. Its a really easy to understand business and they really do a great job in their financials to make it easy for everyone to understand.



Andy, Saul,

I picked up a small position this morning as well. There are too many positive attributes to ignore about this Company and their products. I will continue to research further as well and really appreciate the rich dialogue on this board.