Avigilon up 44%

Well this one finally moved in the right direction, at least!

Maybe I’m the only one still in this stock, but it’s up 44% so far today after the company hit their revenue run rate goal, stated they’ll concentrate more on profitability going forward (at last!), and the CEO said on the call multiple times that he thinks they are very undervalued…although that 44% pop did a fair amount to remedy that.

They didn’t give any forward guidance other than what they had given for the year at the beginning of 2016, but I think estimates going forward are way low and going to be raised once they do give some forward guidance.

My thesis is that the upcoming raised guidance (if/when they give it, if I’m right) will cause another major step up in the stock price when it happens.


Good for them - they deserve it.

Oh lord, no! I am sorry, for those who think this is nuts, but it happened again. No, I did not buy Avigilon. But it is a stock that I have not looked at in over a year, and yet, last night, I was compelled to go to the AVGN stock board and see what was going on. Yeah, yeah, utter coincidence again.

Jeepers! I do not want to get sucked into that again. But I must at least be getting the pulse of the market again. That ain’t bad.

Oh well, might as well look further at what I missed. NVDA was up 29%, AVGN 44%. There is some good stuff happening.


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