AVLR - Avalara

This is thread is for people who want to discuss Avalara (AVLR). Discussing it on an OT thread entitled about the yield curve doesn’t make much sense and doesn’t let people know what you are talking about.


CrazieKids brought this one to our board back in March:

And he updated us in May:

I opened a small position in August after listening to their impressive Q2 conference call and added again this month.

Their product offerings now include:
Tax calculation
Sales and use tax, excise tax, communications tax, item classification and related customs duty and import tax for international shipments.

Tax returns
Returns for sales and use, excise, communications, vacation rental and a product specifically for ecommerce sellers.

Tax Document Management
4 products CertCapture, VendorCapture, ExciseCapture (fuel license and exemptions) and Licensing.

So a lot besides sales tax. And they also list global offerings VAT compliance, GST compliance, Brazil compliance and Cross-Border suite.

Seems to me they have a long growth runway, keep adding related products to their platform, and are expanding internationally.