AVO awarded another patent

Avigilon Corporation (TSX:AVO), a leading global provider of end-to-end security solutions, today announced that its High Definition Stream Management (HDSM) technology has been awarded patent number US 8,831,090 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Introduced in 2008, HDSM technology has been instrumental in advancing Avigilon’s position as the premier provider of cost-effective, innovative, high-definition security solutions. HDSM, a video stream management technology, intelligently manages the bandwidth consumed by high-definition video footage while maintaining superior image detail.

The awarded patent covers the innovative mechanism underlying HDSM, which allows a user viewing video to directly influence the resolution and quality of video streamed over a network without increasing latency or decreasing the quality of stored video. Users then leverage HDSM technology with current hardware to achieve reduced bandwidth consumption while maintaining maximum image detail. HDSM technology enables the handling of high-resolution images while also being cost-effective and placing minimal needs on network and storage infrastructure.

“Receiving this patent reinforces Avigilon’s position as a true innovator in the security industry,” said Alexander Fernandes, founder, president, CEO and chairman of the board for Avigilon. “Our HDSM technology is a revolutionary solution that has differentiated us from the competition since we first launched it in 2008. HDSM technology enables users to operate a true, high-definition security system that intelligently transmits and stores video, all while protecting the bottom line. The result is that Avigilon is able to provide state-of-the-art, high-definition solutions to customers at a much lower total cost of ownership than our competitors.”

This patent further enhances Avigilon’s portfolio of intellectual property. Avigilon now has 25 patents issued and 109 patents pending internationally covering the technology in its advanced high-definition cameras, video management software, video analytics systems and access control products.


While I think this is largely business as usual for the company, I added again today with shares now below $17.

Long AVO

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I added recently and was considering to again. To make sure my numbers and tracking are correct, you have them at mid 20’s PE range currently, right?


Hi KLVanLiew,

I don’t really pay much attention to P/E, as I believe it can be terribly misleading. For example, when a company invests in its future as Avigilon is doing – something I think is a big positive – its P/E will shoot up, making it look less attractive by that metric.

But anyway, I show adjusted EPS for the last four quarters as being $0.12 , $0.19, $0.17, and $0.23 for a total of $0.71/share. So at a $17 share price that would make the TTM P/E around 24.

Long AVO

Hi KL,

I had trailing earnings of 72 cents, and I added some today at $15.28, which gives a PE of roughly 21.


Saul, doesn’t Avigilon report adjusted EPS in Canadian dollars? And isn’t the $15.28 in USD?


Hi guys,
Help me out here. AVO has me a little confused. Are we talking AIOCF Avigilon here?


Hi Gayle,

Yes, AVO is Avigilon’s ticker symbol on its native Toronto Stock Exchange. You’ll often see AVO or TSE:AVO when reading articles about the company. Interactive Brokers makes it very easy to just buy AVO, and it’s much more liquid than AIOCF, so that’s what I own and what I tend to think of when I think about Avigilon. I’ll try to mention AIOCF too, so as to reduce confusion – sorry about that!


Thanks Neil.