AVX-512 works well on Phoenix

Advantage AMD: another example of Intel’s stumbles.

Phoronix recently benchmarked AMD’s most sophisticated Ryzen mobile architecture, the 7040 mobile series, in AVX-512 workloads to see how performant it is compared to Intel’s last two generations of AVX-512-supported CPUs in the mobile space. Turns out, AMD’s Phoenix series CPUs are incredibly effective AVX-512 chips, easily beating out the competition in power efficiency and performance.

The CPUs Phoronix tested included a Ryzen 7 7840U, as well as Intel’s older i7-1165G7, and i7-1065G7 — which were the last mobile CPUs to support AVX-512. The AMD chip blew past the older Intel CPUs outperforming the 1165G7 by 46% and outperformed the older 1065G7 by a whopping 63%. The Ryzen 7 chip also saw the highest performance gain when enabling AVX-512, with a 54% performance margin when enabling or disabling AVX-512. The Intel chips weren’t even close, with a performance margin of 35%.

AMD’s performance gains with AVX-512 are impressive, especially given that Zen 4 — the CPU architecture the 7840U utilizes — is the very first architecture from team red to adopt the new instruction set. Intel, conversely, has had years of experience developing AVX-512-capable architectures but has failed to pull off the same performance margins as AMD. Intel also had to deal with other architectural oddities found in Rocket Lake and Alder Lake regarding AVX-512 performance and capability, that AMD’s Zen 4 architecture does not have.