AWS responds to Cloudfare

A lot of discussion on what makes Cloudfare special. It seems that they have gotten AWS’s attention on cloud egress fees. The biggest take away for me is not AWS’s response, but rather the Cloudfare CEO’s response to the news, via his twitter post. It read as follows: “Well, that was fast!! I’m doing the dance of joy! Great news for our mutual customers. And the next step toward the inevitable end of cloud egress.” - Matthew Prince.

My takeaway - he knows his vision is working and he is on offense. (my sincere apologies for not knowing how to format on this board. That is my next research effort - a how to post)…

Free Tier Data Transfer Expansion
Today, as part of our long tradition of AWS price reductions, I am happy to share that we are expanding the Free Tier with additional data transfer out, as follows:

Data Transfer from AWS Regions to the Internet is now free for up to 100 GB of data per month (up from 1 GB per region). This includes Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Elastic Load Balancing, and so forth. The expansion does not apply to the AWS GovCloud or AWS China Regions.

Data Transfer from Amazon CloudFront is now free for up to 1 TB of data per month (up from 50 GB), and is no longer limited to the first 12 months after signup. We are also raising the number of free HTTP and HTTPS requests from 2,000,000 to 10,000,000, and removing the 12 month limit on the 2,000,000 free CloudFront Function invocations per month. The expansion does not apply to data transfer from CloudFront PoPs in China.

This change is effective December 1, 2021 and takes effect with no effort on your part.


Be careful
He is one of the most promotional CEOs I’ve ever seen and that’s not a compliment
Spinning this as good news is a stretch. An honest ceo May have given a different answer or perhaps just STFU about it.


Spinning this as good news is a stretch.

Are you implying the Prince is being dishonest with his reaction to this? Maybe he just actually cares about his company’s mission of “building a better internet”. Zero egress is not the only value prop for using Cloudflare’s network.

Looking at the AWS blog release the free tier is up to 100GB of data xfer per month. Assuming egress fees of ~$0.09/GB, this is about $9 of free egress per month. I.e. this is basically NOTHING for any serious apps moving alot of data (orders of magnitude higher). I do find it interesting that AWS has felt the need to respond to tiny Cloudflare already… Why are they responding to a move from a tiny $700m rev company?

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