AYX anecdote

Greetings Fools,

I know we’ve mentioned the relationship between PWC (Pricewaterhouse Coopers) and AYX. My sister works at PWC. I asked her via text “Do you do everything in Excel? Or do you use any other programs, like Alteryx?”. Her reply “Funny you ask that, I am supposed to learn Alteryx but I have been avoiding it for the past year. We also use power BI and UIPath and a bunch of others but Alteryx is the big one they are pushing hard. PwC is going hard on them. And from what I can tell once you learn it it is awesome.”

She then said “We have colleagues now called “digital accelerators” that are trying to teach these programs to everyone … I also work with the [specific department] tech people and they are constantly talking about Alteryx and python … PwC is investing like tens of millions of dollars to get the whole firm proficient in many different programs but Alteryx is like #1

Then she sent me a photo (linked below), and said “I see this every day when I walk in my office”. (If you do not want to download the photo, it shows a large poster board on a stand with a diagram titled “Choosing the best tools for you digital upskilling journey” with five pathways leading to a final destination titled “Toolkit”. The five pathways are Excel, Alteryx, Tableau, UIPath, and PowerBI. The first three intersect into one path that leads to toolkit, the second two lead directly to toolkit. This suggests Alteryx, Excel, and Tableau are viewed as complimentary, whereas UIPath and PowerBI are unique standalone tools).

Just thought I would throw this out there. During a time when the stock price seems disconnected from the business performance we all believe in, maybe it will be helpful to remember that these businesses do really important things for some of the largest and most important companies in the world, companies that are hiring people just to train the existing staff how to use Alteryx! Of course companies like this have high EV/S ratios!