AYX CFO with AlphaStreet

I saw this exclusive chat between AYX CFO, Kevin Rubin, and AlphaStreet, interesting read.

Alteryx CFO Kevin Rubin on Q4 outlook, stock sell-off and the possibility of getting acquired

On AYX Priorities
The company’s two main priority areas with regards to investments are global expansion and building engineering capabilities.

On the September slide
Since hitting a peak in early September, the stock is currently down around 37%. Rubin said he sees this as a sector rotation, where investors are shifting out of the high-multiple stocks to other industries. He added that this could be an opportunity for new investors to pitch in and discover the attractive valuations that are expected going ahead.

On getting acquired, given the valuations are right
The CFO sidestepped on market speculations that Alteryx could be a great takeover target for the tech giants to gain inroads in the analytics space.
“That is not our strategy in terms of where we are going,” Rubin said. “We see an opportunity to be a key player in the analytics space, which is evidenced by the business we have built and where we see ourselves going.”