AYX: Datawatch potential acquisition?

Datawatch is one of the (little) competitors to Alteryx which I briefly examined here http://discussion.fool.com/thanks-rizz-on-reflection-i39m-not-ex…

potentially looking to be acquired?


It would be an interesting development in the Alteryx story if Tableau acquired Datawatch. Obviously pretty speculative, but an ETL+visuals bundle would be pretty compelling.



What about Alteryx being acquired?

Good question! I’m not sure how you evaluate the likelihood of something being acquired. I seem to be continually surprised when acquisitions happen. But I thought it interesting that Datawatch which is a) similar in functionality to Alteryx and b) much cheaper, is in the mix.

Maybe it will follow the Qlik story, where it was purchased by private equity.

uninformed speculation on my part


I got the feeling the Qlik deal, which was purchased by Thoma Bravo, was more of a bail out. Datawatch is so much smaller than Qlik or Alteryx that it’s much more manageable as a bolt on for an entrant.