AYX false report.

Their was a rumor that an activist hedge fund, one of the biggest only behind Citron in shorting stocks was about to put out a scathing report on AYX and that they were heavily shorting the stock, and this is why the stock was hammered today.

If you go onto twitter and you type in “Spruce Point Capital“, you can read their response to the rumor.

I’m not going to post their response here but I will tell you that they categorically deny it and are actually long AYX.

Glad I added shares today, will add more when the market opens.



this was literally the third post on this board in less than 24 hours saying the same thing about the Spruce rumor



Please look at the last couple posts before the re-posting the same info over and over. Bad enough the board was cluttered with 20+ posts yesterday all just saying that there was no real news on AYX

(snark mode off)