Bert’s latest take on AYX:





The people who understand your business problems are the best ones to solve them.
Think the hardest thing about analytics is the tech? Wrong.
The real challenge, once the tools are in place, is figuring out the right questions to ask using the tools.Instead of expecting a small analytics team to understand the pressing issues within each business function, rely on the experienced analysts on the front lines of your business. These are the people who can ask the right questions and dig deep using an iterative discovery process.

Specialized analytics teams can’t scale.
?You might already be feeling this pain. No matter how talented (or numerous) your data scientists are, there will never be enough of them to support the needs of the business…. . A self-service analytics capability means your data scientists are freed up to work on the complex problems, and the front-line business analysts get the power to fish for themselves.

Disengaged employees quit.?
You’ve hired smart people who want to make a difference throughout your business. If you sequester the analytics capability inside an isolated data science vault, your talent on the business side will disengage, stop asking questions, and eventually leave the company to find a more fulfilling job somewhere else.