AZ / Saudi Arabia water story

A while back there was a long thread about water. I saw that the Katie Hobbs, Gov. of AZ, is cancelling one SA lease and notifying them that next year it will not renew 3 other leases on land where it has been growing alfalfa. Alfalfa takes a lot of water to grow. The company that has had the leases has been able to pump unlimited ground water to irrigate their fields. Here’s a background story on the leases and the water use.


Maybe the Saudis will move their operation to Michigan? Michigan virtually gives ground water away to “JCs”.


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Finally, I knew I liked that woman. Taking the water back is going to be great for the whole Colorado basin.



There is a whole lot more water to grab back from idiotic uses. Nestle, for instance, has been illegally fraudulently corruptly buying and draining aquifers all over North America.

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Not likely.

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