Back in the saddle again

Welcome back to your regularly scheduled program.


My my.

Now, all I have to figure out is what the heck I’m doing.


I just learned that we can now edit our posts. If I spell something wrong, or a sentence doesn’t make sense, it can now be fixed. I’ll call that an improvement.


Hey, to my amazement they finally let me in for FREEEEEeeee! And like most of you I am looking around like a country bumpkin emerging out of PennStation onto the streets of New York gawking and stunned.

Happy to see our crazy mob is showing up.



You never need to edit once posted. I on the other hand could improve termendously…but wont put in the effort. It is the thought that counts. Not the spelling.


hey fb, we know the way out of the subway? Or we get lost trying.

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I’m poking around, too, and figuring it out. Good to see it’s alive again! Nice job, Fools!

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Banging my head in frustration against the brick wall. Fine to reply to something that shows up, but having a hell of a time finding my favorite boards.


In the left hand column use the categories and tags.


completely overwhelming


In categories on the left look up investment analysis clubs, then macro economic trends and… click on the x for the investment analysis clubs to get rid of it, and hit save so that this board appears on the left under categories.

Wow. So much easier than clicking on the heart to follow a board. NOT. Even with your instructions, which I appreciate your trying. 4 days of rain coming, and maybe by then I will be ready to bang my head against the wall some more. Until then, it’s worse than I feared and sorry I tried. Preferred having happy memories rather than memories of total frustration.

I guess this is one way to weed out those of us who are less tech saavy.



Hey, you sound like me 36 hours ago. Please stick around, it Aint That Bad…

and I would miss you!

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I’m kind of with you on this. Everything is different. Subjects are now topics. Boards are now Categories. Stuff has all sorts of new names and new places. I’m still trying to find my way around.

But I don’t think this has anything to do with tech savvy. It’s just a different way of organizing things - a way that is not natural to some of us. And yes, us. I find this kind of organization hard to use. I’m an “a place for everything and everything in it’s place” kind of person. At least as far as message boards go. But nothing has a place here. I want just a simple list of boards I follow. There isn’t one any more.

There’s kind of one in the side bar - click on the 3 stacked lines at the top of the page to open or close it. But it’s not really the same. It only lists stuff with activity, based on some nebulous definition of activity. That makes it harder to post something new on a specific board because the board isn’t there if there’s no unread activity. And there’s way more stuff there as well, just cluttering up things.

I don’t have a solution, but I am committed to giving this a try. Maybe I’ll learn how to use this discussion board system. Maybe not. But I’m committing to a week to see what I can do.


I am lost. I am so lost. This is my first post in the new system, I hope it won’t be my last, but I am lost, and it’s dark, and it’s cold. I hope for helicopters over head, or at least a way to find some organization scheme, but for now I am lost. I may starve.


Perfect description! Good to see you and everybody. What a relief! How to work this is another matter but at least I’m in the neighborhood.

I’ve been finding MERaR by using the old “Favorite’s” listing page, which is a multi-hop process.

Has anyone found where they hide an index of your favorite boards?

Jeff :slight_smile:


They don’t have one - you kind of have to recreate it.

If you go to the CATEGORIES tab on the left side of the screen, you can add METAR (and other top-level categories) and create something approximating a Favorites listing. “Categories” are only the very high level groupings - so you can’t do that for individual stocks or other topic groupings (like the “Folly in X State”) that used to be boards in TMF 1.0. There, you have to rely on tags, not categories.


If there is another site everyone is going to please let us know. I don’t see any of the great posters here. Please widely broadcast where everyone is! I hate this organization format also and not likely my brain will change at this age.


I think I would characterise this message board software as maybe more like a pub/sub publishing platform more than a message board.

Pub/sub is sort of like… people/software pour in messages and events at the top of a funnel (with tags or whatever) - e.g. ‘reply’, ‘chat’, ‘post’ things etc tagged with ‘Macro’, ‘Berkshire’ tags etc.

The platform then filters all those things through to readers who are interested & subscribed to receiving those messages/events (reply to my message, new post about berkshire which I am interested in, etc).

Pub/Sub is more powerful in general, but also more complex and not so intuitive as a metaphor.

Whereas on a traditional message board, publishing and subscription take place on a single theme, in a single ‘place’, and it more closely relates to the function of a real world message board as a physical object.

I think there is an acute case of feature-itis present too, sometimes less is more.

None of this is necessarily ‘bad’, I’m just explaining it like this to try and help put the right metaphors in place so people who are baffled can maybe figure out what is going on.