Bankruptcy isn't failure, it is a Shiny business practice

Talking heads running through the various other suits waiting for Fox Noise, and the prospect that Fox will go BK, and everyone wander off to do something else.

In Shiny-land, bankruptcy is a business strategy. Fox Noise could, probably would try, to declare BK, simply to stiff all the claimants, then go on it’s merry way spewing nonsense to the audience it has groomed for decades.

The reality check is that Fox, even with several Billions in claims against it, would not be in financial distress. Fox has over $11B in equity. Boeing has piled several years of multi-Billion dollar losses, on top of Billions of negative equity, and Mr Market still thinks it’s worth $200/share. Fox Noise is still trading well above it’s 52 week low.


Fox is writing off just over $200 million on its Dominion loss. Fox has $4 billion in cash.

… HAD 4 billion in cash–and it will go down quickly…