Belarusian Resistance Shows 28 FEB 23 Stealth Drone Bombing Russian AWACs Plane . . . Ukraine Supplied Drone

Judging by this video, there is no one, absolutely no human, guarding this huge expensive jet plane in Belarus:

So the Resistance uses a drone to slowly come to Papa, lay an egg of an explosive, and then detonate.

Another asymmetrical warfare win for guerillas hiding in the shadows and in plain sight. The Resistance is alive and well in Russia, Belarus, Georgia, and Donbras Region of Ukraine.

Reminds me of the resistance fighter in the Talking Heads song “Listening Wind.”


Belarus has sentenced the Nobel peace prize-winning dissident Ales Bialiatski to 10 years in prison as part of Alexander Lukashenko’s purge of opponents after the 2020 pro-democracy protests against his rule.

Bialiatski, a pro-democracy activist, is the founder of Viasna, the authoritarian country’s most prominent human rights group. He was detained in July last year and charged with smuggling cash into Belarus to fund his group’s activities, but is widely recognised as being persecuted for his opposition to Lukashenko.

Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, the country’s opposition leader in exile, tweeted: “The sentencing of @viasna96 human rights defenders today – including #NobelPeacePrize laureate Ales Bialiatski – is simply appalling. Ales has dedicated his life to fighting against tyranny. He is a true hero of #Belarus & will be honored long after the dictator is forgotten.”