Berkshire Post WEB

I was thinking about how critical leadership is for tech companies.

  • When Satya became CEO of MSFT, he pivoted a company selling server software to cloud, if you know enterprise software company, this is literally a rebirth, everything they do from product design, features, to go-to-market, sales, partnership changes.
  • Again Satya made bold move into AI with OpenAI partnership
  • META, share prices nosedived on metaverse investments, but that allowed META to quickly pivot on AI and the share price has recovered

I can talk about few more stories, but the CEO instills a culture of being ready to pivot, identify the next big trend and keep the organization looking ahead on both opportunities and risks.

Now, if you look at Berkshire, most of their businesses do not face that kind of disruption. Berkshire may not miss Buffett in their day-to-day operations. Any business will miss a genius like Buffett, but Berkshire is build to run without requiring Buffett.

Post Buffett, Berkshire will a story of shareholder returns, initially through buybacks and eventually through dividends too.


There was no need to mention Satya and Microsoft in this post.

Berkshire is nothing like Microsoft. Satya is nothing like Greg. Microsoft stock was down in the dumps before Satya took over. Satya was leading the fastest growing Cloud division in Microsoft and the entire world was calling for Balmer to step down and had lost confidence in him. Even Jobs → Cook is not relevant. If you want to stretch, the apt analogy would be Bezos → Jassy.

Maybe you missed his opening statement: I was thinking about how critical leadership is for tech companies.

Seems like a pretty good reason to mention Microsoft, no?

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