Bert on UBNT again

This is what I take to be a positive article on UBNT:…


Well I topped up on this last night with some of my MBLY proceeds…

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“Analysts simply have a hard time in suspending disbelief and looking at the facts as they exist and not the facts of many other companies in this space who have been unable to develop profitable business models.”

Yes, Bert is being quite positive.

Usually it’s the other way around. The herd of analysts says that a company will only go up and has lots of room to grow, with only minor headwinds that we can safely ignore. Valeant, for instance. And we know how THAT worked out!

But it is unusual for a herd of analysts to ignore actual earnings growth.

I’ve sold UBNT puts twice, and both times they expired out of the money, so it looks like I’ll have to simply buy the stock if I want to hold some. And I do want to hold some, despite my preference for boring (but profitable) stocks with minimal drama. I’ll have to keep in mind that despite the fact that they both own professional sports teams, Robert Pena is not Mark Cuban. :slight_smile:

I think this one has an excellent chance of doing extremely well, and the drama is from the analysts.

If I set the minimum market cap to $3.3 billion and have it pick 50 stocks, UBNT shows show up on the list generated by the free Joel Greenblatt website. I think that’s where I originally heard of it about a year ago.

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Oops, typo. The website name is

The drama is not only from the analysts. It looks as if there is a 29% short position!

10% short in a rising market I can just about live with if the fundamentals look really nice, I know exactly what the shorts’ premise is and I think they’re wrong. 29% short is asking too much.

Historically, how often has a short position of similar size been wrong?

And how old is this high level of shorting?

I’ll answer part of that question myself. According this Marketgrader report, dated 11/23/16, short interest was 30% of float back then:…

Historically, how often has a short position of similar size been wrong?

Hi EdGrey, Twice recently on stocks I’ve been acquainted with. (And I don’t follow a lot of stocks).

BOFI went from $16+ to $31.50

KITE went from $47 to $84


This also happened with EBIX, which went from $10 to $60+. And it still shows a short of more than 25%.