Anyone know what has happened to Bert? He hasn’t posted in awhile.

I’ve been unable to log in to his website. I’m guessing he’s just having some technical difficulties.

I’m in. Just no posts in 6 days with all the earnings out. He hasn’t even caught up to AYX. Hope he is ok.

Yeah, I haven’t been able to log onto his site in 2 days. Hopefully, the problem will be cleared up soon.


This is the third time over the last year that I recall problems since they recently updated or whatever I expected to be good to go for a while. He has not weighed in on ANET earnings either and that has been a bit. Anyway hope they get fired back up soon…

I see two posts from him on Friday and he also sent a portfolio update on Sunday which was just three days ago.

I’m not sure that he always posts on every company’s earnings although he has covered a lot in the past week.



Yes but he did say he was going to post something on ANET I believe.

From Bert…

What has happened is that Google changed their cookie policy. That means we have to change the web site to work with Chrome. We are doing that but I am not sure how long it will take. In the meantime, you can use any other browser and you will not have that problem. Simply go to Internet Explorer and you will be able to log in. I am sorry for any inconvenience that you have had and I am pretty disgusted with Google. But you will be able to access the site through Internet Explorer or other browsers and we will advise you when Chrome access has been restored.

Thanks for your patience.


I also informed him that it was no longer working on Firefox either.



Seems a bit OT to me… although well-intentioned.

Should we also post issues about TMF site here?

wordlessly watching, he waits by the window and wonders…


I got an email from Bert a few days ago saying that he’s doing some investigation for his ANET writeup. Must be tied up with the investigation lately.

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